AFSCIN will publish information about events related to spinal cord injuries on this page regardless of whether these events are organised by AFSCIN or by any other recognised organisation.

This is done in response to a call by ISCoS, the International Spine Cord Society, to reciprocate to requests for promotional exchange of events to professionals with interest and activity in prevention, research, management and/or rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord lesions.

2023 Events


SCI DAY 2023 "Access to SCI Services - A life less complicated”

World SCI Day 2023 Message of The ISCoS Prevention Committee Chair

International days are powerful tools to promote public awareness and to activate authorities on certain issues of concern. Since 2016, the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) has decided to observe ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ on September 5th every year. Each year it is celebrated under different slogans and themes that highlight the most current issues of concern for SCI individuals.

It is my great pleasure to address this year's theme, "Access to SCI services; a life less complicated”. As chair of the ISCoS Prevention Committee, I strongly believe that, this is an important topic that requires our utmost attention.

Access to spinal cord injury (SCI) services is critical for individuals with SCI and their families. However, access to these services can be complicated due to various factors, such as lack of available resources, geographic location, financial constraints, and a lack of knowledge about the services available. This can lead to a life that is unnecessarily complicated, adding more challenges to an already difficult situation.

In this context:

We, as the ISCoS Prevention Committee, have a responsibility to work towards improving access to SCI services. This involves advocating for increased funding and support for SCI services, promoting awareness about the services available, and working to remove any barriers that prevent individuals from accessing these vital services.

By focusing on this year's theme, we can make significant strides towards ensuring that individuals with SCI have access to the resources they need to achieve optimal recovery and live a fulfilling life.

We are inviting you all to celebrate this day with various events all over the world and raise awareness at the highest level!

ISCoS Prevention Committee


ISCoS 2023

Annual Scientific Meeting
Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Registration: Will open in February 2023
Pre-Conference Day: 8 October 2023
Main Meeting Days: 9-11 October 2023


ASCon Conference 2023

22nd ASCon Conference
BRAC-CDM Centre, Khagan, Savar, Dhaka.

Dates: 27 to 27 November 2023
Flyer: Click to download

Updated: 25 August 2023